Hampshire Emergency Animal Response Team is co-sponsored by the Hampshire Emergency Planning Committee, the Medical Reserve Corps of Hampshire County and the town of Chesterfield. As a member of WMDART, HEART works closely with other regional DART teams, as well as the state team (SMART).

All interested in helping people and their animals during a crisis are invited to become a HEART volunteer via the WMDART application process.  Individuals who handle animals on a routine basis such as Animal Control Officers, Veterinarians/Techs, groomers, farmers, etc are especially encouraged to join, but all abilities are needed.

Skills may be learned; dedication, commitment, and caring cannot.  Members are asked to adhere to the HEART Code of Conduct.

For questions about HEART, or to support our team in any way that you can, please contact Larry Holmberg, Emergency Management Director Towns of Chesterfield and Goshen.

Larry can also be reached by calling 413-529-1700 (days) or 413-296-4247 (nights & weekends)