WMDART is in need of dedicated volunteers of all backgrounds and skillsets who care about the welfare of animals. Because our work is a critical part of emergency planning and response, there are important requirements for Membership.  If you are interested in joining a DART team, please begin by filling about an application online on the MAResponds site (link below).  After that you will be contacted by a Team Leader who will notify you of an upcoming meeting and assist you with completing your training requirements.

Here is what to do if you want to become a DART Volunteer:

1. Complete MA Responds registration

MA Responds is the State’s volunteer management system that integrates local, regional, and statewide volunteer programs to effectively respond to disasters and public health emergencies. This database system was designed to enhance the Commonwealth’s ability to prepare for and respond to disasters and health related emergencies.  It ensures that volunteers are quickly identified and credentialed, so they can be properly utilized in response to a disaster or public health emergency.

***To fill out a DART Volunteer Application, Go to www.MAResponds.org***

You will be asked to affiliate with the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Unit in your county of residence – because MRC is the parent organization of DART Teams in our region.

2. Complete Background Check

Because we may be dealing with vulnerable populations when responding to an emergency, a criminal background check – called a CORI, will be conducted as part of your application process. Please be sure to fully fill out the information in the criminal history section of the application.

3. Complete Training Requirements
Volunteers are needed for many tasks and we welcome your participation. Those volunteers who want to interface with animals in a disaster or emergency shelter situation must complete training requirements before they can be ‘deployed’ with the team.

Click Here for a list of training requirements.

Monthly Meetings
In addition to training, some DART Teams meet monthly. It is hoped that members will attend those meetings. In order to to maintain active membership and be able to deploy with the team in an emergency, volunteers are required to attend at least one meeting quarterly.